General Terms & Conditions / Policy Agreement

Service Agreement:

All sessions will be 50 minutes long. The client is responsible for showing up to all appointments on time. Cancellations made within 24 hrs of the scheduled appointment time will be charged half the price of the appointment as per our cancellation policy. There is no fee or charge for rescheduling. All sessions will take place in my residential office or through a video conference system.

You are guaranteed to have your appointment at the agreed upon time. There is no risk of double booking. If I need to cancel or reschedule for any reason you will be notified in a timely manner.


Refund Policy:

All payments for services will be collected at the end of each session. If you have opted into one of the available Coaching Packages then the full one time payment will be collected up front. I accept card payments only. There are no refunds for any reason. If you have special financial circumstances you may email



I do not take on clients who I suspect may have serious emotional or psychological issues such as clinical depression or personality disorder. Those who I suspect may be affected will be referred to a medical doctor at my discretion. Coaching is limited and more serious, deeper issues may need therapy. The coaching relationship does not represent psychological counseling or any kind of therapy. Coaching results can vary and are not guaranteed. You are entering into coaching with the understanding that the Client (you) is responsible for his/her own decisions and results. You are also agreeing to hold the Coach free from all liability for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of advice given by the Coach. Session Contact Procedure: The Coach shall contact the Client at the agreed hour. If the Client fails to make the appointment time, the Client is still responsible for the coaching fee, unless 24-hour notice was given to reschedule the call. The Coach will make every effort to reschedule with the client.

About Me

I am a marriage coach and sex specialist. I have been studying relationships and human behavior for the entirety of my adult life. I have always believed that our relationships are the most important parts of our lives. Our relationship with our family, friends, partners, and especially our relationship with ourselves; has the ability to affect all other areas of our lives. That is why it is so important that we cultivate an enviornment where we are healthy, supported and loved by those that we choose to have relationships with.

I help individuals create healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationships. My relationship coaching is rooted in proven research based methods of Couples Therapy. As a black polyamorous woman, I aim to reach the most marginalized communities and provide access to quality care and relationship coaching. Coaches help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives. As such, I am trained to listen and observe. My approach is customized based on each clients individual and unique needs.

My Credentials: Bachelors Degree: Psychology from Georgia State University. Certified Marriage Coach. Pursuing Masters degree or higher in Family and Marriage Therapy.